Drug Free Workplace Policy

Service to School (the “Company”) is committed to protecting the safety, health and well being of all employees and other individuals in our workplace.  We recognize that alcohol abuse and drug use pose a significant threat to carrying out our charitable mission.  In accordance with, and under the guidance of, the Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988, we have established a drug-free workplace policy that balances our respect for individuals with the need to maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment.  The Company encourages all individuals to voluntarily seek help with drug and alcohol problems.

Any individual who conducts business for the Company, is applying for a position, or is conducting business on the Company’s property is covered by our drug-free workplace policy.  Our policy includes, but is not limited to employees, volunteers, and ambassadors but may include third party service providers as reasonably applicable in carrying out the Company’s charitable mission.  Our drug-free workplace policy is intended to apply whenever anyone is representing or conducting business for the Company.  Therefore, this policy applies during all working hours and whenever conducting business or representing the Company.

It is a violation of our drug-free workplace policy to use, possess, sell, trade, and/or offer for sale alcohol, illegal drugs or intoxicants.  Abuse, or complicity in the abuse, of prescription or over the counter medication will further be considered a violation of drug-free workplace policy.

Any employee, volunteer, or ambassador who is convicted of a criminal drug violation in the workplace must notify the Company in writing within five calendar days of the conviction. The Company will take appropriate action within 30 days of notification. Federal contracting agencies will be notified when appropriate.

One of the goals of our drug-free workplace program is to encourage employee, volunteers, and ambassadors to voluntarily seek help with alcohol and/or drug problems.  If, however, an individual violates the policy, the consequences are serious.

  • In the case of applicants, if he or she violates the drug-free workplace policy, the offer of employment or other relationship to the Company can be withdrawn.  The applicant may reapply after six months and must successfully pass a pre-employment drug test.
  • If an employee, volunteer, or ambassador violates the policy, he or she may face discharge or termination of relationship with the Company.

The Company recognizes that alcohol and drug abuse and addiction are treatable illnesses.  We also realize that early intervention and support improve the success of rehabilitation.  Additionally, our drug-free workplace policy encourages individuals to seek help if they are concerned that they or their family members may have a drug and/or alcohol problem.  The ultimate financial responsibility for recommended treatment belongs to the individual.

All information received by the Company through the drug-free workplace program is confidential communication.  Access to this information is limited to those who have a legitimate need to know in compliance with relevant laws and management policies.

A safe and productive drug-free workplace is achieved through cooperation and shared responsibility.  Individuals must not perform work for the Company while their ability to perform their job duties is impaired due to use of alcohol or other drugs.  In addition, employees, volunteers, and ambassadors are encouraged to support fellow workers in seeking help, and report dangerous behavior.  The Company’s management, to include the Executive Director and its other officers, shall investigate reports of dangerous practices and counsel the employees, volunteers and ambassadors as to expected performance improvement.

Communicating our drug-free workplace policy is critical to successful implementation.  To ensure all employees are aware of their role in supporting our drug-free workplace program, this policy will be communicated to all employees, volunteers, and ambassadors upon beginning of a relationship with the Company, and will further be publicly posted including but not limited to the Company’s website at www.service2school.org.