Ethics and Whistleblower Policy

Service to School (the “Company”) is committed to facilitating open and honest communications relevant to its governance, finances, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  It is important that the Company be apprised about unlawful or improper behavior including, but not limited to, any of the following conduct:

  • theft;
  • financial reporting that is intentionally misleading;
  • improper or undocumented financial transactions;
  • improper destruction of records;
  • improper use of Company assets or donations;
  • violations of this conflict-of-interest policy; and
  • any other improper occurrence regarding cash, financial procedures, or reporting.

We request the assistance of every employee, volunteer and ambassador who has a reasonable belief or suspicion about any improper transaction.  The Company values this input, and each employee should feel free to raise issues of concern, in good faith, without the fear of retaliation.  Employees, volunteers and ambassadors will not be disciplined, demoted, lose their jobs, risk association with the Company, or be retaliated against for asking questions or voicing concerns about conduct of this sort.

We encourage any employee, volunteer and ambassador who has a concern regarding an action concerning the Company’s governance, finances, or compliance with all applicable laws and regulations to raise the concern with the Executive Director, Legal Counsel, or any Board member.