Gift Acceptance Policy

Acceptance of any contribution, Gift or grant is at the discretion of Service to School (the “Company”).  The scope of this policy extends to acceptance by the Company’s Board members, officers, employees or staff members, volunteers/ambassadors, consultants, interns, or any other person having a service relationship with the Company (the “Members”).

“Gifts” for purposes of this policy include items representing pecuniary gain or anything else of value (including honoraria, loans, and entertainment).

Neither the Company nor its Members may accept gifts for themselves or on behalf of the Company in contradiction of this policy

Neither the Company nor its Members will accept any gift unless it can be used or expended consistently with the purpose and mission of the Company, with the following exceptions:

gifts of nominal value (presumptively deemed as those less than $20), meals, and social invitations that are in keeping with good business ethics, the charitable mission of the Company, and do not obligate or imply obligation of the Member to take or refrain from taking any action or decision on behalf of the Company.  In situations it would be awkward to decline a proffered gift, it should be accepted on behalf of the Company, and the Executive Director shall subsequently advise as to its disposition.

No irrevocable gift, whether outright or life-income in character, will be accepted if under any reasonable set of circumstances the gift would jeopardize the financial security of the person or persons giving the gift.

The Company and the Members will refrain from providing advice about the tax or other treatment of gifts.

The Company reserves the right to restrict receipt of any gift, and all gifts must be disclosed to the Executive Director of the Company.