Jack Baisley – Field Artillery Officer to Yale Law School

Tell us about yourself, Jack!

Hometown: Holmdel, NJ

What is your anticipated school and intended major? Yale Law School – Class of 2025

Fun Fact About Yourself: I have five siblings!

What did you do in the military? Field Artillery Officer

What was your proudest accomplishment in the military? I raced for US Army Europe in the 2019 Army 10 Miler and led the team to 3rd place overall, finishing in 54:20!

What was the biggest benefit to using Service to School throughout the application process? The military provides a lot of unique experiences to its members, and Service to School helped me translate those experiences into a comprehensible narrative for admissions officers who may not have been as familiar with the military language that flooded my first few drafts of my statement and resume.

What are you most excited about in regards to starting school? What’s your favorite part about the school you chose to matriculate at? My time in the military really helped me solidify my interest in international affairs after being stationed in Germany for four years, and I am excited to learn more about international human rights law while at law school. My favorite part of Yale Law School is the agency the school provides us to pursue our goals. There are so many opportunities at YLS through the clinics that are offered, the career paths available, and all the resources to help you chart your path. 

Jack’s advice for veterans who are applying to college

Do not self select when applying to schools. The military provides incredible and unique experiences in various forms, and putting that into a cohesive application can really make you stand out and yield positive results during the application cycle.

The peer-to-peer mentorship was incredibly helpful just in having someone with shared experiences, who had advice beyond the application process but also transitioning from service back to a school setting.

Congrats again Jack on your acceptance to the Yale Law School!


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