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For most of us, serving in the Armed Forces has been a high point of our lives– the camaraderie, leadership, and teamwork fundamental to life in uniform set a high bar for any future career. The first challenge you will face as you begin your transition from military to civilian life is finding a career path that will sustain the sense of purpose and direction that likely drove your decision to serve.

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A guide for veterans applying to law school 

Law school is just one of many good options available to you. You could start a business, enter the workforce, or pursue a different graduate degree. A common alternative to law school for military veterans is a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). If this is also of interest to you, check out the Service to School MBA Application Guide.

As a result of the operational tempo of the last decade, veterans today possess a level of leadership skill, maturity, and experience that law schools– and the legal profession as a whole– seek. In fact, most law schools now actively recruit veterans. While not without risk, going to law school can be a great way of easing the transition, opening doors to a variety of public and private sector careers and a wide range of service opportunities.

This guide will help you not only to understand the process of applying to law school, but also to evaluate whether the investment of time and money makes sense in the context of your professional goals. We hope you find it to be useful and comprehensive, and we invite feedback that will help us make future editions even better.

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