Mattheus Tiger Braga – Paving the Way From Marine To Boston College

Tell us about yourself, Mattheus!

Hometown: Orlando, FL

What is your anticipated school and intended major? Finance at Boston College 2024

Fun Fact About Yourself: I was born in Brazil and next year will make 10 years since I moved to America

What did you do in the military? Drafter & Surveyor

What was your proudest accomplishment in the military? Being the lead Drafter and Surveyor during the construction of the airport in the sky at Catalina island 2019

What was the biggest benefit to using Service to School throughout the application process? The connections I was able to make and how it was free.

Why did you decide to pursue this education path? One OIC I had in Iraq who had a degree in finance and experience with investment guided us on how to spend our money. Because of his knowledge, I was able to accomplish many things financially, and I want to be able to do the same for others because it is the knowledge that can change lives.

How has the transition from military to civilian life been? Difficult but not impossible to accomplish great things. I compare it to my transition from living in Brazil to the USA, it was difficult because it feels like you’re in a different world, and sometimes you feel like you don’t belong there, but with the right people and the right mindset, you can adapt and overcome anything you set your mind

What are you most excited about in regards to starting school? What’s your favorite part about the school you chose to matriculate at? In the veteran community, I never felt so welcomed by a group of people as I did at the school. I had been to 3 different schools before transferring to BC; as soon as I stepped on the campus, I felt welcomed by everyone! 

What are your goals post-graduation? Straight to MBA and becoming an Marine officer afterwards

Mattheus’s advice for veterans who are applying to college

Just because you didn’t have the best grades in high school doesn’t mean you can go to a good school… use your military experience to prove to the admission advisors that you’re worthy of admission because of the great thing you’ve accomplished!

Yes! I believe the mentorship I had from another veteran who I met through the program in motivating me to not give up when I was first rejected was what really got me into this amazing school.

Congrats again Mattheus on your acceptance to Boston College!


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