Meet S2S Ambassador Troy Vantrease

Congratulations to Ambassador of the Month – Troy Vantrease

Hometown: West Frankfort, IL

When did you graduate and what are you doing now current post-graduation? United States Naval Academy, 2007

Fun Fact About Yourself? I really enjoy cooking (but not the cleanup).

What did you do in the military? Navy F-35 Pilot

What was your proudest accomplishment in the military? Flying in from my first deployment as a father and seeing my wife and son.

Why did you decide to pursue your path of education? From a young age, I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Fortunately, my parents convinced me to visit the Naval Academy during my junior year of high school. During my visit, I realized the Academy was a good fit for me, personally and academically. Looking back after 15 years, countless experiences and amazing friendships, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Service to School? While applying to graduate programs, I asked for advice from a Commanding Officer in my Air Wing, who happened to be a Service to School Graduate Ambassador. His willingness to help with my application process and provide unvarnished feedback made me realize that this is a way I can volunteer my time and help transitioning servicemembers gain admission to the best college possible.

How has your experience as an Ambassador been? It has been rewarding beyond my wildest dreams! I think the most satisfying part of my experience has been seeing many of my applicants achieve admission to colleges that previously may have seemed out of reach. This job is all about pushing applicants to exceed their expectations and realize that they can and will succeed at a top-tier university!

Troy’s Veteran applicant shared some inspiring words on the impacts of Troy’s mentorship : “Mr. Vantrease’s drive and personal character that is geared towards the success of others is something that has meant a great deal to me during my admissions process as a future student. His ability to consistently look for opportunities, provide positive and highly constructive feedback, as well as set aside time from a very busy schedule in the Navy to assist with the process of school applications is something I truly am grateful for in many ways. I personally do not think I can thank Mr. Vantrease enough for the continued support, feedback and overall positive outlook he had on my admissions process to make sure I would have the greatest opportunity in pursuing my degree of interest at the greatest program possible. As a mentor through Service to School, he was able to go above and beyond expectations and allowed me to grow immensely in academic writing. His dedication to helping others succeed is something that I believe should be recognized and shared with among the Service to School community. I would highly recommend Mr. Vantrease as an ambassador to anyone seeking assistance or direction with service to school. Even if their desired degree does not follow along Mr. Vantrease’s specialty in aerospace, he is someone that sees a greater picture and can provide stellar assistance and feedback that will guarantee an admission to top level programs regardless of degree path. I would also like to add that he is one of the most helpful people I have worked with and inspires me to hopefully give back to the military community through Service to School one day. ” – Nickolas Phillips, University of Southern California Spring 2025

Troy’s advice to veterans considering pursuing higher education

Go for it and don’t sell yourself short. If you don’t take that admissions spot, someone else will. You owe it to yourself and this country to use your G.I. Bill benefits at the best possible College or University!

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