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Arvin Pamplona is a former United States Navy Corpsman with eight years of experience in program management, advising, and emergency medicine. After graduating from MOS School and Field Medical Training Battalion, he served in the Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune Emergency Department for two years. In 2012, he deployed to Afghanistan under the N.A.T.O Training Mission-Afghanistan as a Medical Advisor for 1/1 "Kandak" Afghan National Civil Order Police. From 2013–2015, he held leadership roles in the 2nd Battalion 10th Marines, 3rd Battalion 10th Marines, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, and Naval Operational Support Center Washington D.C. In Fall 2016, he matriculated to the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies to pursue a bachelor's degree in liberal studies with a concentration in International Relations. He looks forward to assisting fellow veterans and aiding their path to higher education.


Arvin Pamplona