Our Code of Ethics

Why We Have This Code

We strive for excellence in all that we do as an organization, this code reinforces and affirms our mission and core values and affirms our commitment to each other. Our community includes the Service To School leadership, ambassadors, applicants, schools, and community partners. Believing in and understanding our Code are critical. Our Code guides our behavior.

The Code of Ethics maintains that you must:

  • Place the integrity of the organization and its interests above your own interests.
  • Act with integrity, competence, and respect.


Integrity & Respect

Operating with honesty and fairness in all that we do. Our success depends on the mutual respect and strength of our relationships. Inspire trust and always do the right thing.

Moral Clause

Any serious act of misconduct by the Service To School community, including (but not limited to) an act of dishonesty, theft or misappropriation of funds, moral turpitude, insubordination, or any act injuring, abusing, or endangering others will open an individual to either temporary or permanent sanction and possible removal.


Standing accountable, individually and collectively, for the highest ethical behaviors and achieving outstanding results. We will maintain an environment where ethical and lawful behavior is encouraged and embraced. We are accountable for our actions.

Making A Difficult Decision

Making the right decisions can sometimes be hard. Remember though that doing nothing when faced with a difficult decision can be as unethical as making the wrong decision.


Striving to excel in all that we do. We are committed to delivering quality services and to developing and sustaining strong relationships. We earn the loyalty of those we serve through our commitment to the organization. We look past ourselves to focus on the impact of our actions.