Our Core Values

We Lead From The Front

Our volunteers, both ambassadors and leadership, do not accept any pay or other financial benefits in exchange for helping veterans.

We Enrich Others, Not Ourselves

We exist solely to benefit transitioning veterans. Whenever we spend donor money, we look for the most efficient way to do so. If we ever receive personal expense reimbursements, we ask “is this dollar better spent on me versus directly supporting applicants?”

We Build Solutions, Not Organizations

We focus our efforts on solving problems. We do not engage in empire building or self-aggrandizement. Titles do not matter; only results.

We All Donate What We Can

We all can donate time, talent, and treasure. Because we are a lean organization, we can spend more time and talent on helping veterans rather than having to search for treasure. We all donate what is right and possible for us.

We Have No Ego

Everyone is a leader. Service to School does not exist to build ourselves up, but to help veterans.

We Are a Flat Organization

Our best ideas and biggest accomplishments have come from the bottom-up. Leadership exists only to coordinate.

We Empower Everyone

Ambassadors, applicants, and leadership are empowered to work on any initiative or project that fulfills our fundamental mission of helping transitioning veterans.

We Are Honest With Ourselves

We provide each other thoughtful, honest, critical and substantive feedback. We quickly determine what is working and what is not working. Constructive feedback is always accompanied by proposed solutions.

We Have Fun

We maintain the same light-hearted atmosphere we found with our military friends on active duty and the reserves. We enjoy working together because we all care about the same thing: helping veterans.

This Is Our Most Important Extracurricular

We all have full-time jobs, are attending schools, or have some other primary engagement. Yet this is our most important extracurricular activity.