Diego Velazquez

Diego, a Marine, is a junior at Georgetown University. After having deployed on a Marine Expeditionary Unit, he developed a keen interest in international relations. As a result, he pursued the major in his first year of college at UMass Boston, where he also served as President of the UMass Boston Student Veterans Association. A 4.0 and two academic awards later, Diego sought admission into a top international relations school in Washington, D.C. to fully immerse himself in the hub of politics and take on new challenges. He was accepted into Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service where he now serves as President of the GU Student Veterans Association. While at Georgetown, Diego has interned at the House of Representatives and as a Legal Intern at the Department of Justice. This summer he will intern in the Legal Division at Goldman Sachs. Diego is excited to help veterans gain admission to top-notch universities and secure the best summer internships possible.