Franklin Nash

Franklin Nash enlisted in the Marine Corps to earn money while figuring out what he wanted out of life. Serving 5 years as a 2844/2841 radio technician, he was stationed in Okinawa, then Pendleton, and was deployed to Afghanistan to support the HIMARS of 5/11, where he was promoted to Sergeant. When he successfully helped 6 Marines use a ketogenic diet to "get swole&quot,; he saw an opportunity to pursue health and fitness after his imminent EAS. He attended Cal State LA so that he could have the most flexible science degree offered in southern California and developed a broad foundation of knowledge including biochemistry, neuroscience, endocrinology, genetics, and hematology. He applied to medical school prior to finishing the recommended prerequisites during his junior year and was accepted to WesternU's osteopathic medicine program, beginning in August of 2016. He lives with his wife of 6 years and their 3 dogs, self-teaching violin and trying not to sound like a dying cat.