Isabella Trauttmansdorff

For the better part of twenty years, Isabella has managed regional higher-ed access programs at national non-profit organizations serving underrepresented students. She spent more than half of that time with A Better Chance, managing admissions & placement and school partnerships in the New York Metro/New England, and Southern California regions. Prior to that, Isabella supervised student support services at Steppingstone in Philadelphia. Currently, Isabella is a college advisor with CollegeThoughts, working one-on-one with students on charting their academic trajectories, and application and financial aid strategies. She is also an independent writing coach for undergraduate and graduate/Ph.D. students. She has had the distinct privilege of working with many inspiring veterans and active-duty military personnel while serving as a writing tutor at Palomar College in San Diego County.

Isabella received her MA from the University of Pennsylvania, and her BA from Wellesley College. As an “immigrant kid,” (Brazilian/Austrian) she prided herself in “figuring out the education system.” She continues to devote her time and energy to helping others do the same.