Jia Yuan Wu (Benjamin)

Benjamin graduated from Lynbrook High School, CA. Upon his graduation, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps as an MV-22 Osprey Aviator. During his years of service, he served in a variety of leadership positions at the departmental and squadron levels, as well as forward-deployed with VMM-165 and VMM-163 on various combat, humanitarian, and medevac missions. After his active military service in 2021, Benjamin is currently pushing for a dual major in biochemistry and economics with a pre-med emphasis at the University of Chicago. For him, wherever it is the irresistible charm of the flight suit or the charismatic reputation of the white coat, they both represent the same level of devotion to selfless service. His role as a first responder while performing aerial duties will not only serve as the cornerstone of his military career but also as a living testimony to his pursuit of medicine