Joshua Maxwell

Josh was an infantry paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division for four years where he deployed once to Afghanistan attached to a 1st Special Forces Group ODA. Near completion of his contract in 2015, he was selected as a recipient of the Posse Veterans Program to Vassar College. He is currently a junior there and is pursuing a major in International Studies with a focus on Latin America. He spent six months in Colombia studying the peace accord between the Colombian government and the FARC, even visiting a FARC camp and conversing with them. Also, he studied transnationalism and comparative development during a semester abroad throughout the entire Southern Cone of South America: Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil. In the summer of 2016, Josh was the first program director for a Warrior-Scholar Project course at Vassar College summer of 2016. To date, he has advised numerous veterans into successful admissions at top US universities as an ambassador with S2S. He is the go-to undergraduate ambassador for MECEP applicants based on his knowledge acquired from advising one of his former applicants. Josh has also advised several Posse applicants into successful recipiency of the Posse scholarship. He is currently studying for his LSAT and enjoying travel throughout South America. Josh endeavors to make it into one of the top 14 law schools starting in the fall of 2019. He plans on utilizing S2S law school advising to be the most competitive applicant possible.