Marcee Davis

Marcee believes that every veteran has the potential for a college education, no matter the circumstance. Marcee enlisted in the United States Navy during her senior year in high school, in the spring of 2003. She served as an Aviation Electrician from 2003-2007 while deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After her initial enlistment, Marcee then served as drilling reservist from 2007-2014 in the Untied State Navy Reserves. Being a college graduate was always a distance goal for Marcee. While on active duty, Marcee looked for opportunities to attend college courses and earn credit amid deployments. After her enlistment, she attended college full-time as a single mom. She took a detour in trade school, but then invested in community college, earning two AA’s before transferring to the University for California, Santa Barbara. While at UC Santa Barbara, Marcee and her partner (now husband who is also a veteran) both pursued their bachelor’s degrees simultaneously while juggling a family of four. Upon graduation, Marcee decided to apply to her dream university for a graduate program at the University of Southern California, at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism. She has since earned a graduate certificate in Public Policy Advocacy from the USC Price School of Public Policy and is currently a pursing a master’s degree at the USC Annenberg School in Strategic Public Relations. She is an advocate for veteran women and has experience working on variety of corporate, political, and civic engagement initiatives.