Nestor Diaz-Ordaz

LT Nestor Diaz-Ordaz was born in Portsmouth, VA and raised in Clarence, NY. While at the Naval Academy LT Diaz-Ordaz earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Aerospace Engineering.
Upon graduation LT Diaz-Ordaz attended Power School in July of 2015, then attended Prototype in Ballston Spa, NY and Submarine Basic Officer Course (SOBC) in Groton, CT.

Following SOBC LT Diaz-Ordaz joined the crew of the USS FLORIDA (SSGN-728) in Kings Bay, GA. While attached to the Florida, he completed a ride on the USS Tennessee for a 1-month alert period to qualify EDO and EOOW. LT Diaz-Ordaz then completed Dive School and became a ships diver. On the USS Florida, LT Diaz-Ordaz held the positions of Reactor Controls Assistant (RCA), Chemical and Radiological Controls Assistant (CRA), Tactical Systems Officer (TSO) and Assistant Weapons Officer (AWEPS).

For shore tour, LT Diaz-Ordaz is a Requirements Officer for Expeditionary Warfare Division at the Pentagon. He own unmanned systems for mine warfare, such as the Knifefish Unmanned Underwater Vehicle and the Mine Countermeasure Unmanned Surface Vehicle.