Taylor Tjosaas

Taylor joined the military at 18, after getting a GED his sophomore year of high school. He spent 7 years as a Pararescueman in the Air Force on active orders before transitioning to a part time reservist. The following 2 years he traveled, living out of a van while contracting as a flight medic in Papua New Guinea. Through self-studying during this time, he found a renewed love for academics and decided to return to school. After two semesters at a community college he attended a Warrior Scholar Project course where he was recommended to apply for the Posse scholarship. He will be transferring to Wesleyan for fall 2020 as a Posse scholar, with plans to continue his education on to medical school.

As a second generation high school dropout and first generation college student, Taylor understands how unobtainable education can sometimes appear. He learned during his time in the military that the greatest accomplishments stem not from an individuals effort, but through the reliance on a team that best leverages their resources. His own successes are a direct result of these teams assistances and the resources they connected him to. He hopes to be that same support to other veterans as they accomplish their academic goals.