Veena Rao

I am a lawyer who spent over twelve years working for Michigan Protection and Advocacy System where I represented and zealously advocated for the civil and constitutional rights of people with disabilities, specifically children. I worked to advance their rights to educational and mental health treatment through litigation, trainings, negotiation, and advocacy. In 2010, my family relocated to China for seven years and when we returned to the US, I helped my daughter through the college admissions process. The experience convinced me there was a great need for college counselors who could be a resource for families. After obtaining my college counseling certificate from UCLA, I started working with students to help them navigate high school and the college admissions process. When I heard about S2S, I decided that I wanted to help active duty personnel as well as veterans transition to a four year program. During the 2021 admissions cycle, I worked with three service members and I enjoyed the experience. The essays is the fun part of this experience even though most applicants dread it. I enjoy working with applicants on their essays since it is a wonderful way to tell each person’s unique story.