Vineet Rajan

Commissioned in 2006, Vineet spent his first four years in the USMC in Okinawa deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan, and leading intelligence operations in Asia including responding to the tsunami and nuclear crises that befell Japan in March 2011. Privileged to be selected as a Congressional Fellow, Vineet spent a year working for Congressman Tim Ryan where he assisted in generating national policies. He went from serving in the halls of Congress to the corridors of the Pentagon for two years generating intelligence policy for the USMC. While buried under paperwork, he somehow had the good fortune of being selected to serve as an intelligence exchange officer with the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence. Living in the picturesque and historic town of Cambridge, UK, Vineet led a combined, joint intelligence team comprised of both civilian and military personnel from four services and three nations. While Vineet failed to pick up a proper English accent, he did manage to “read” international relations at the University of Cambridge, get promoted to Major, and achieve some moderate successes within the MOD. Wanting to devote more time to his family and have an impact outside of defense, Vineet resigned his active duty commission in the USMC after 11 years of service. Conveniently for him, Stanford University made an administrative error enabling Vineet to roam the beautiful campus as a member of Stanford Graduate School of Business class of 2019. He welcomes the opportunity to help others along their amazing life journey.