William Eisenhart

William is currently a second-year Physician Assistant student in the Yale School of Medicine.  He is a 2019 Tillman Scholar recipient, Special Operations Medical Association Scholar recipient, and a Connecticut Academy of Physician Assistants Kaplowe Scholar recipient.  He is a first-generation college student that immigrated from South Korea with his mother as a child.  He attended Salisbury University for his Bachelors, Louisiana Tech for his Masters, but walked away from a career in telecommunications after 9/11.  He enlisted in the Navy as an Explosive Ordnance Technician then returned to the civilian sector as an Intelligence Analyst.  His desire to serve was not abated so he re-enlisted in military as a Special Operations Medic for a Special Forces Battalion in the National Guard.  William works with Special Operations Medic-Coalition (SOM-C), increasing visibility of veteran capabilities for medical programs through dialogue with universities.  His passion is prehospital medicine, emergency medicine, and improving health in underserved areas in the United States and overseas.