Our Mission

To prepare transitioning servicemembers and veterans for their next chapter of leadership by helping them gain admission to the best college or graduate school possible.

How It Works

What veterans say about S2S

“Veterans have experiences, Service to School helps turn them into stories. Those stories became a gateway to a brighter future.”

Andres Guerra
USMC Veteran
Yale University

“My ambassador and Service to School supported me during every step of the application process; I would not have applied without their encouragement.”

Lyndsea Warkenthien
US Navy Veteran
Stanford University

“Service to School/Vetlink gave me the confidence I needed to push myself to reach higher when applying to universities, and now I’m attending my dream school!”

Alex Walsh
US Navy Veteran
Harvard University

“Service to School cultivated the courage necessary for me to express the strengths of my character and experience and realize my ability to thrive in an academic environment.”

Tina Wong
US Army Veteran
Stanford University