Our goal is to help veterans win admission to the best universities possible and to help them maximize their education benefits. Through education benefits, the nation has proved its commitment to help veterans help themselves, but it is also an important investment in our country’s human capital, because veterans will grow our economy just as they did in the decades following World War II. As an organization and as a country, we can ensure that the education benefits provided to veterans today are as effective – indeed, as transformative – as they were for the Greatest Generation.

In 2015, we launched S2S VetLink, a initiative for colleges to partner with Service to School. Our current S2S VetLink partners include Amherst College, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Princeton University, Smith College, Williams College, and Yale University. To date, our efforts have assisted hundreds of applicants in winning admission to schools that include Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Northwestern, Penn, Columbia, Notre Dame, and many other U.S. institutions. Our mentor network of over 200 ambassadors, annual conferences, and online knowledge base provide the tools for veterans to successfully navigate the application process.

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