Service to School’s mission is to prepare transitioning military veterans for their next chapter of leadership by helping them gain admission to the best college or graduate school possible. Service to School is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.
Who We Are

Our Success

S2S was founded by Gus Giacoman, Tim Hsia, Khalil Tawil, and Anna Ivey — three veterans and an admissions expert. We provide free application counseling, peer-to-peer guidance, and networking support through our over 500 volunteers, called “Ambassadors,” many of whom received Service to School’s counseling and support throughout the application process.  Our Ambassadors “pay it forward” by providing one-on-one counseling and support in Service to School’s unique TRAIN methodology.

Our Core Values
Our all-volunteer team is committed to helping veterans help themselves and following these core values.
Lead From the Front

Our volunteers, both ambassadors and leadership, do not accept any pay or other financial benefits in exchange for helping veterans.

Build Solutions, Not Organizations

We focus our efforts on solving problems. We do not engage in empire building or self-aggrandizement. Titles do not matter; only results.

Empower Everyone

Ambassadors, applicants, and leadership are empowered to work on any initiative or project that fulfills our fundamental mission of helping transitioning veterans.

  •       Test Preparation
  •       Resume and Transcript Reviews
  •       Application and Essay Reviews
  •       Interview Preparation
  •       Networking Assistance

Our results give compelling testimony to our impact and effectiveness.  Since our founding in 2011, Service to School has worked with thousands of transitioning veterans to achieve “admission accomplished.” S2S alumni comprise over half of the veterans at the most selective private colleges in the country. Service to School has also helped veterans gain admission to Harvard Business School, Wharton, and other leading business schools, and has assisted veterans to secure a place at Yale, Harvard, and other outstanding law schools.  Service to School currently has over 500 Ambassadors working with the next generation of veteran college and graduate school applicants.

Service to School is fulfilling a unique and distinctive mission.  Out of over 40,000 veteran service organizations, Service to School believes it is the only one dedicated to providing free, personal, and experience-based support across all of the critical elements of the college and graduate school admissions process – from early test preparation and transcript and resume development, to interview preparation and application and essay review.  Service to School is also unique in its partnership with over fifteen select colleges and universities – VetLink focuses on identifying highly qualified veteran applicants who express interest in attending any our excellent partner institutions,  Through VetLink, applicants are afforded an enhanced opportunity to showcase their military service, while our university partners are introduced to an increasing number of veteran applicants.

Support of Service to School confers lasting benefits.  Supporters will be making an incalculable contribution to both veterans and the country they have served.  Through Service to School, veterans will have increased opportunities to build on their service-based experience and skills by attending institutions of higher learning they may have never previously considered; they can develop into campus and ultimately lifelong leaders.  Supporters will be associated with a service organization dedicated to the further education and development of a cadre of leaders – men and women who, having served our country, can take their rightful place at institutions of higher learning nationwide.

Through education benefits such as the GI Bill, the nation has proved its commitment to help veterans help themselves. This is is also an important investment in our country’s human capital, because veterans will grow our economy just as they did in the decades following World War II. We can ensure that the education benefits provided to veterans today are as effective – indeed, as transformative – as they were for the Greatest Generation.

Our Core Values

WE LEAD FROM THE FRONT Our Ambassadors do not accept any pay or other financial benefits in exchange for helping veterans.

WE BUILD SOLUTIONS, NOT ORGANIZATIONS We focus our efforts on solving problems. We do not engage in empire building or self-aggrandizement. Titles do not matter; only results.

WE HAVE NO EGO Everyone is a leader. Service to School does not exist to build ourselves up, but to help veterans.

WE EMPOWER EVERYONE Ambassadors, applicants, and leadership are empowered to work on any initiative or project that fulfills our fundamental mission of helping transitioning veterans.

WE HAVE FUN We maintain the same light-hearted atmosphere we found with our military friends on active duty and the reserves. We enjoy working together because we all care about the same thing: helping veterans.

WE ENRICH OTHERS, NOT OURSELVES We exist solely to benefit transitioning veterans. Whenever we spend donor money, we look for the most efficient way to do so. If we ever receive personal expense reimbursements, we ask “is this dollar better spent on me versus directly supporting applicants?”

WE ALL DONATE WHAT WE CAN We all can donate time, talent, and treasure. Because we are a lean organization, we can spend more time and talent on helping veterans rather than having to search for treasure. We all donate what is right and possible for us.

WE ARE A FLAT ORGANIZATION Our best ideas and biggest accomplishments have come from the bottom-up. Leadership exists only to coordinate.

WE ARE HONEST WITH OURSELVES We provide each other thoughtful, honest, critical and substantive feedback. We quickly determine what is working and what is not working. Constructive feedback is always accompanied by proposed solutions.

THIS IS OUR MOST IMPORTANT EXTRACURRICULAR Our volunteers have full-time jobs, are attending schools, or have some other primary engagement. Yet this is our most important extracurricular activity.

Our Code of Ethics

We strive for excellence in all that we do as an organization, this code reinforces and affirms our mission and core values and affirms our commitment to each other. Our community includes the Service to School leadership, ambassadors, applicants, schools, and community partners. Believing in and understanding our Code are critical. Our Code guides our behavior.

The Code of Ethics maintains that you must: Place the integrity of the organization and its interests above your own interests. Act with integrity, competence, and respect.

Integrity & Respect: Operating with honesty and fairness in all that we do. Our success depends on the mutual respect and strength of our relationships. Inspire trust and always do the right thing.

Accountability: Standing accountable, individually and collectively, for the highest ethical behaviors and achieving outstanding results. We will maintain an environment where ethical and lawful behavior is encouraged and embraced. We are accountable for our actions.

Making A Difficult Decision: Making the right decisions can sometimes be hard. Remember though that doing nothing when faced with a difficult decision can be as unethical as making the wrong decision.

Excellence: Striving to excel in all that we do. We are committed to delivering quality services and to developing and sustaining strong relationships. We earn the loyalty of those we serve through our commitment to the organization. We look past ourselves to focus on the impact of our actions.

Moral Clause: Any serious act of misconduct by the Service To School community, including (but not limited to) an act of dishonesty, theft or misappropriation of funds, moral turpitude, insubordination, or any act injuring, abusing, or endangering others will open an individual to either temporary or permanent sanction and possible removal.