Education Support for Military Veterans
Our goal at Service To School is to help veterans earn admission to the best universities possible and to help them maximize their education benefits.

We facilitate this by pairing veterans applicants with ambassadors from our extensive veteran ambassador network. We believe that to win admission to a great school you must T.R.A.I.N. Once paired with an ambassador, you will receive support in these T. R. A. I. N. areas.

T – Test Prep Advice

Our ambassadors help veteran applicants determine what scores you need to achieve. We also have partnerships with various test prep companies. Read more at our article GMAT Test Prep.

R – Resume and Transcripts

Ambassadors assist applicants to demilitarize their resumes and review transcripts in order to ensure applicants are competitive for admission. Veteran experiences provide unique perspectives and S2S can help form personal narratives. We go beyond providing useful templates and review. To learn more, read our article Resume Writing Basics.

A – Application and Essay Review

We assist with review and provide feedback on essays. To get started, see our article: Introduction to Essay Writing for Veterans.

I – Interview Prep

Many of our ambassadors have successfully made it through the interview process at some of the worlds most highly selective schools. We aspire to share our experiences to give veterans an edge during the interview process. Learn more by reading Interviewing 101

N – Networking

S2S has ambassadors of all types. We come from enlisted, commissioned and warrant officer backgrounds. Some of us are well into our careers, some of us are still in school, some of us are retired. We represent a vast swath of different industries and geographic regions. Our veteran ambassador network can help you connect with veteran graduates and current students at the schools in which you are interested. Learn more from this Networking Article