Service to School Welcomes Four New VetLink Partners

Service to School Welcomes Four New VetLink Partners

Four top undergraduate programs join Service to School in transforming narratives about veterans in higher education.

Aug 24, 2018- Service to School (S2S) is proud to announce new partnerships with four top colleges and universities.  Bowdoin College, Carleton College, Swarthmore College and the University of Michigan have joined Service to School’s VetLink Program.

VetLink directly connects veteran applicants with VetLink partner schools during their undergraduate application process.

These four distinguished colleges and universities join fourteen existing VetLink partners: Amherst College, Cornell University, University of Chicago, Emory University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT), University of Notre Dame, Pomona College, Princeton University, Smith College, Stanford University, Syracuse University, Williams College, and Yale University.

These programs lead the way in bridging the civil-military divide and ensure that veterans have access to the best undergraduate programs in the country.

“Veterans in academia matter,” said S2S CEO Andrea N. Goldstein. An S2S alumna and recent graduate herself, she had some advice for members of the military community considering higher education: “Stay dedicated and believe in your capabilities. You have the skills and potential to succeed at your dream school.”

Together, Service to School and VetLink partner schools are transforming the narrative regarding veterans and higher education. Since the program was founded in 2015, more than 300 veterans have matriculated to highly selective undergraduate programs through Service to School.

“The University of Michigan is proud to partner with Service to School to help our nation’s military-connected students apply for admission into our University.  As one of the top public universities in the country, U-M offers many opportunities for students to excel, explore and discover. Our ethos of community and service to others echoes that of military service and our commitment to excellence and leadership will be familiar to those who have served.  We welcome the diversity of thought, experience, leadership and opinion that current and former military members bring to our campus,” said Phil Larson, Program Director for Veteran and Military Services at the University of Michigan.

The VetLink program creates a pathway for veterans to highly selective schools, and provides those schools with greater opportunity to reach highly-qualified prospective student-veterans.

“The Service to School VetLink program will significantly strengthen our ability at Bowdoin to serve the educational needs of veterans, to introduce them to a liberal arts education long dedicated to serving the common good, and to benefit from their knowledge, perspective, and experience,” said Whitney Soule, Bowdoin College Dean of Admissions and Student Aid, “In a small way, this is also a partnership that honors the legacy of Bowdoin graduates who have served and led in the military from the War of 1812 through today. We are proud and excited to participate.”

S2S provides VetLink partner schools with an effective way to identify, evaluate, and accept qualified veterans for undergraduate programs. For veterans, the VetLink program helps find a top college that is the best fit for their interests, and works through the college application process through one-on-one mentorship.

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