VetLink is a partnership between Service to School (S2S) and select colleges and universities focused on identifying highly-qualified veteran applicants with an expressed interest in admitting them.  Through VetLink, applicants are afforded an enhanced opportunity to showcase their military service and our university partners are introduced to more and more veteran applicants. S2S mentors work closely with VetLink applicants and guide them to make informed decisions.

Participating schools include
Amherst College, Cornell University, The University of Chicago, Emory University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, Pomona College, Princeton University, Smith College, Stanford University, Syracuse University, Williams College, and Yale University.

“Too often, enlisted service members underestimate their skills, competencies, and potential,” said Gus Giacoman, an Army veteran and S2S co-founder. “There are many great schools that are looking for qualified service members and VetLink will bridge that gap.”

Are you a veteran thinking about applying to college (aka undergraduate programs, aka bachelor’s degrees)? Are you a veteran interested in the VetLink program? Sign up for help from Service to School.

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