Authored by Financial Aid Consultant Jill Stone. Jill has been working for the past 15 years to insure that student’s have affordable access to higher education. She has been a member of the financial aid staff at both the University of New Haven (where she also served as the institution’s Director of Veteran Student Services) and most recently Yale Law ... Read More
One of the most frequent questions we get is: What are my “chances” at getting into that top school? In order to help our applicants gain a better picture of the MBA admissions landscape, we looked through our historical data to draw some rough conclusions about what applicants can expect when applying to various business schools. First, some caveats… There ... Read More
I was going nowhere. At least, that is what some people thought. You see, I started out in high school as an honors student but ended as a dropout. I had made a detour from the path of a traditional student. This deviation from the plan did not happen overnight; it was the result of a series of bad decisions ... Read More
Yale University was founded in 1701, and has been a center for academic excellence ever since. As a VetLink partner, Yale works with Service to School to identify competitive applicants. We interviewed Patricia Wei, Director of Admissions for Yale’s Eli Whitney Students Programs, so prospective veteran applicants know better what to expect from both the application process and life as ... Read More
Many college applicants are heaving sighs of relief. Most schools are beginning to review applications for  students who will begin classes this fall. For those applicants applying to schools with later deadlines, we still have time to help with your application. The application process is daunting, but thousands make it through every year! Service to School (S2S) is here to help, ... Read More
Today is Veterans Day. Americans have commemorated variations of this holiday for nearly a century, dedicating our nation to the pursuit of peace and reaffirming our commitment to those who have sacrificed for our nation. Long after the heroes’ parades are over and the yellow ribbons are put away, America’s veterans often face an uncertain future when they return home. ... Read More